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New Technologies to Increase the Security Measures at Luton Airport

There have been a number of new technologies introduced to improve the security measures at Luton airport. New security lanes are considered to explore for quicker baggage checks etc. There are also some other significant improvements in threat deduction. These new technologies will help to improve many security issues and also for better travelling experience.

Screening Lanes:

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently announced that it is working with American airlines to install new security screening lanes in airports. Among the features of these screening lanes is that the conveyer belts automatically move the carry-on bags through the X-ray scanner. Also, images of the bags and other items are captured before they go through the X-ray scanner. They are linked to the X-ray scan, while Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags will also be added to the bins for further accountability of the items as they move through the system. Bags that are containing potentially threating items are redirected to one side to allow the flow of passengers and bags to continue. As a result, these lanes will improve travelling experience and security, according to the administration.

 New Strategies to Improve the Security Measures and Passenger Experience

CT Scanners:

One of the possible solutions for the next generation of airport security screening is Computed Tomography (CT) scanning – a similar technology to what is used for scans in hospitals.
All of these advancements are certainly opening the door for a better customer experience, shortening the waiting times and allowing a faster processing through the checkpoint, whilst maintaining the highest levels of security. Passengers flying from some airports are already noticing the difference of security measures and it should only be a matter of time until more and more travellers are able to benefit from these welcome developments.


All of these strategies will definitely help to bring a positive change at the airport. It would give the passengers a marvellous travelling experience at the airport.

Source: UK News

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  Posted by Tara Sander on August 29, 2016

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