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Precautions to Have a Safe and Secure Journey

Travelling is a necessary element especially for the people who are doing business or living in the foreign countries. They have to travel for the sake of official meetings or family gatherings. Therefore, it’s wise to remember some sensible precautions to avoid all hassles and keep yourself safe in the foreign cities.

Here are few tips that will help to make your journey safe and secure, whether you’re a frequent traveller or first-time visitor.

Tips to Walk Through the City:

• Plan your route before you leave
• Use registered mini cabs
• Try to avoid walking alone in the night
• Beware of wearing headphones while walking in the city because it reduces the awareness of your surroundings
• Use designated crossings to cross the roads safely, also take note on the signs “look right” and “look left” to see the oncoming traffic.

Tips to Have a Safe Journey

Keep Your Belongings Safe:

• Avoid carrying too much cash in your wallet
• Don’t leave your baggage un-attached anywhere, as this can lead to a security threat
• While using a cash point, make sure no one is looking you and that the ATM has not been tempered. Make sure to cover the keypad while entering your PIN number
• Keep your mobile phone and camera in your handbag when they are not in use
• Keep the record of your electronic serial numbers (ESNs)
• Inform the police or the service provider in case of your valuables are stolen

Use Reliable Parking Service:

If you’re travelling through London Luton Airport (LLA), secure parking would be an issue. Use Luton airport valet parking to avoid parking hassles.
• Visit company’s website
• Read all terms & conditions
• Ensure advance booking
• Keep your car in safe hands
• Enjoy rest of your journey and collect back your car safely

These tips definitely help passengers to keep themselves out of travel risks and hassles.

  Posted by Tara Sander on September 7, 2016

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