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How to Choose the Authentic Private Parking Company

Parking is an essential but tiresome task at Luton airport due to which passengers face many kinds of problems like safe car parking, vehicle’s security, getting late and not being able to reach the destination on time.
According to the present parking situation at airports, the majority of passengers prefers off-site car park service as they know the importance and advantages of the private parking service. But still, there is a need of awareness while choosing the legal and authentic private parking company. It is observed that there are some fake companies that only use to trap people saying they’ll fulfil their duty with full honesty, but actually they don’t.

How to Differentiate Between Legal and Illegal Parking Company?

Illegal private parking companies make such things:
• Take payments early, but do not reach to serve passengers.
• Chauffeurs do not show up.
• Do not show punctuality.
• Park the car in public place with the complete threat of damage.
• Leave the car unlocked.
• Utilize the vehicle for their personal use.
• Do not reach on time to hand over the car back to the customer.
• Show irresponsibility taking care of the vehicle.
• Do not recover the damage happened during their custody.

Therefore, this is an important and necessary step to verify the company. Beware of fake companies and visit the official website of the company you are going to hire, read all the terms & conditions, booking procedure, Company head office address etc.
Avail Luton airport meet and greet parking service and keep your car in safe hands until you arrive back from your tour.

  Posted by Tara Sander on August 22, 2016


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