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Why Should You Do To Release Flight Anxiety?

Air travel anxiety is growing nowadays regardless of the fact that whether you are a regular or an infrequent traveller. There is no doubt that flights can be intimidating but there some effective tricks that you can use to reduce the level of nervousness before the flight.

Here are a few tips from the travel experts that you should try:
• Do not intake caffeine or energy drinks 72 hours prior to the air travel
• Download or install soothing music or meditation tracks on your device to listen during the flight
• Keep your mobile or other devices charged
• Stay hydrated before and during the journey
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• Distract yourself by reading your favourite novel or do some in-flight exercises

Once you prepare your mind for the stress of the flight, you will be able to experience a smooth journey. You would come across several people who were once afraid of air travel as you might be today, but one way or the other, you can combat this fear.

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  Posted by Tara Sander on December 8, 2016

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